Show Nights

Every Other Saturday come out to OYP and support your friends. 7p-11p

Group Night

Thursdays are group Night.

4:30 Doors Open 6:30 Dinner 7:00 Group

Dance Night

Every Other Saturday OYP has a Dance Night, bring friends and have fun. 7p-11p


Our mission is to bring Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning youth and their friends together to build a peer based community that empowers them to end isolation, create a progressive youth voice; increase well being and self-esteem; and change the communities in which they live. Openarms Youth Project accomplishes this by offering peer based education, advocacy, recreation, information and leadership opportunities.

Need Help?

918 – 838 – 7104

“OYP has let me be myself and has a big impact on my life as a teen. As letting me be myself and not get judged for who I am! I am really happy I found a place that I can enjoy myself.”

B. Fullerton

“I went to OYP from 14-18 and enjoyed every minute of it. I am now 26 and changed for the better because of this organization!”

J. Ripper